Re: Revolution

Anyaprokash Press | 2014

I released my debut novel in Bangladesh in 2014, a day before I moved to the US for college. The book was a homage to the rebellion-versus-empire stories I grew up on, and an attempt to reconcile them with my (limited, but growing) understanding of revolutionary politics as a Bangladeshi teenager.

Life in the apocalypse is the only one Ethan Skye has known. For him and his scrappy band of rebel friends, it's a tough one -- but it has its little pleasures. Although the Grand Order promises a better future to come, the question remains: A better future for who? This question has always been on Ethan's mind. But when a shocking betrayal forces him to leave his home, he discovers that the extent of the Order's oppression goes further than even he had imagined...

Goodreads | Rokomari (Out of Print)

Elysium is Empty

Contributing Editor | | 2021

Our anthology, Elysium is Empty, is the MFA Creative Writing Showcase for the CalArts Class of '21. I worked as a Contributing Editor and proofread + edited a diverse collection of works spanning from short fiction to poetry to memoir to... all-of-the-above-in-ones, in addition to helping develop the collection.

"Grimspawn," a standalone excerpt from my thesis, appears in the anthology alongside a range of stellar contributions. The friends and classmates I worked with are some of my favorite writers working today -- although, I am biased. They are some of my favorite people as well.

Goodreads | REDCAT Reading (2021)



Los Suelos is a multimedia interactive anthology featuring several interdisciplinary writers, filmmakers, musicians, and game designers. Come explore a strange town in the middle of the California desert, but beware the sudden urge to dig...

I'm a contributor!
My short story "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs" appears as an interactive found form document somewhere in this strange town.

The project was created by Surface Dweller Studios. All proceeds benefit the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation, and go towards aiding rural laborers across CA.

brown mountain near black concrete road
brown mountain near black concrete road


Writing appearing in games / interactive media.


  • "No Shoes House," Forthcoming in Bonemilk Vol. III (2023)
    Gutslut Press | 2023 | Goodreads | Gutshop

  • "Grimspawn," Novel excerpt published in Elysium is Empty (2020) | 2020 | Goodreads

  • "The Legend of Majed Momin," Published in Disconnect: Collected Short Fiction (2017)
    Borshadupur Press | 2017 | Goodreads